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Saturday, August 31, 2002
From his ancestral home in Pennsylvania, Patrick Runkle sends along these answers to your "Dear Cannon" questions.

This time, I got a few really interesting queries and a bunch of people looking for Cannon DVDs, which are still not seeing the light of day. Please send further questions to

Hello, Mr.Patrick Runkle! Let me introduce myself. My name is Irina Jurtsevich, I am a journalist from Belarus. I used to work for TV-company SNN-WTV in Baltic countries and Belarus and shot about Menahem Golan a reportage from the film-set where they were telling about robbery of the century of the department of Commercbank in Berlin. I myself played in this film in one of the episode roles to win the argue that I would manage to stay an actress during 6 days on the film-set. Now I would like to offer my script to Menahem Golan to view it with the name "How I used to be an actress at Menahem Golan`s". If you or him will find interest to it I am ready to send thee script immediately.

With respect, Irina Jurtsevich

Hi Irina,

At Ink Syndicate, we read every shred of paper that is written to us, including parking tickets. Please send the script to:

ATTN: Patrick Runkle

Ink Syndicate

PO Box 28293

Oakland, CA 94604

Hello Patrick,

How wonderful that Cannon have a website at last!! I wonder if you could answer a question I have about the brilliant film Duet For One. How likely is it that this film will be release on DVD in the near future,with lots of extra goodies for all us Julie Andrews fans to watch?

As you can tell from my e-mail I am a huge fan of this underrated film and think it's Julie Andrews' best dramatic performance.
Also, would there be any way for me to buy any memorabilia from this film from Cannon?
Thanks for any help.

Best wishes,


Dear Carla,

Although I can understand being in love with a movie, I do have to wonder about Duet for One. I don't know of any DVD release that is planned, but anything is possible. Some of the mid-era Cannon movies like Invasion USA that are owned by MGM home video have been put on DVD, but rarely with any meaningful extras. Sadly, Anchor Bay seems unable to get the rights to Cannon material, as they would seemingly be the right company to do special editions of many Cannon films.

Dear Cannon,I hope you can help me. I have been looking everywhere for a copy of the video, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, staring Diana Rigg. Do you know where I can purchase a copy?

Thank you

Anita Withrow

Dear Patrick--Have you heard of any releases for the Cannon Movie Tales on DVD (specifically snow white and sleeping beauty)? Maybe due to the release of inderela, the comapny might released the older ones as well. That would be great. Please let me know if you have any info on that. Thanks

In the USA, the Cannon Movie Tales fairy tale series seems to be almost forgotten. But I still can't believe the amount of mail I get regarding these movies. I can't imagine a U.S. DVD release of these happening anytime soon, as they haven't even been available on VHS very widely here either. [Update ... these films have been released on DVD ... check the links on the left of this page.]

[link]    Posted 6:06 PM by John.