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Friday, February 28, 2003
As all of us who were there can attest, the Feb 14 screening of The Apple at the Nuart was a beautiful thing. Kudos to Marc, the assistant manager there, for making this happen. I went there expecting to watch the movie with 5 friends and about 10 other people. Amazingly, the word got out through some indie channels, and there were over 300 people there! It was the best-attended midnight show ever at the Nuart, which is truly amazing.

The print was beautiful, the crowd was enthusiastic, and Marc played a reel of Cannon trailers before the movie, including Schizoid, New Year's Evil, Breakin' 2, and The Forbidden Dance, which--as sorry as this is to say--was a highlight of my life. I hope Menahem finds out that there's an audience for The Apple after all, and let's also hope this glorious event isn't one-of-a-kind.

Also, the recent DVD releases have been great, both the Bronson ones and Alien Contamination. Be sure to check those out.

[link]    Posted 10:15 PM by Patrick.

Saturday, February 08, 2003
Word comes from Blue Underground, director William Lustig's DVD company, that Alien Contamination will be released in a beatiful, restored, unedited, surround-sound edition on February 11. This is an interesting coincidence, because Alien Contamination is an early Cannon pick-up from Italy that was originally released on the long-departed Paragon Video in the U.S. The Apple, showing on February 14 in West L.A., was another of the few early Cannon films released on Paragon.

Alien Contamination is truly wonderful, an Alien rip-off from Italian director Luigi "Hercules" Cozzi with inventive gore effects and a funky Goblin synth score. Support Blue Underground and pick up your copy today!

[link]    Posted 2:17 PM by Patrick.

Saturday, February 01, 2003
Check out our exclusive interview with Len Talan, creator of several of the "Cannon Movie Tales" series, only here at!

[link]    Posted 10:54 PM by Patrick.