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Thursday, April 29, 2004
Big news from a German reader today: Apparently the entire Lemon Popsicle series is headed to DVD in Germany on August 30th. Here's a small news item on a German DVD site about it ... the series is called Eis am Stiel in German. These will apparently be region 2 discs with no bonus features and a mono German language track. (Sadly, nothing indicates that the priceless English dubs will be included.) Stay tuned for more info.

[link]    Posted 9:50 AM by Patrick.

Saturday, April 24, 2004
Just got a note from Cannon fan and reader Fred Anderson that he did an interview with director Sam Firstenberg recently. It's a great and wide ranging interview; Click here to check it out!

[link]    Posted 11:55 AM by Patrick.

Sunday, April 04, 2004
As MGM and others keep mining their rich Cannon catalogs for DVD releases, I have started a Cannon on DVD page with Amazon links to all the recent re-issues of Cannon films. These links will not only help you get your latest dose of Cannon-mania, clicking and buying from these links will also help us pay our hosting bill! Tell all your friends, and thanks for your support!

Speaking of which, the Cannon Movie Tale Red Riding Hood will be released on Tuesday on DVD along with one of my personal Cannon favorites, the legendarily bad Sean Connery fantasy flick Sword of the Valiant. Also, Robert Altman's Fool for Love is coming out that day.

As I go through this list, I'm amazed that some of these titles have seen the light of day on DVD, and some of Cannon's best moments are fairly well represented. However, a sorely missing category is Cannon's overblown drama / pompous historical romance like Lady Chatterly's Lover or Nana.

[link]    Posted 11:52 AM by Patrick.

Saturday, April 03, 2004
Just got a note that The Apple will be appearing on DVD from MGM on August 28th, 2004. Mark your calendars, Apple fans...

In other news, I've been heartily enjoying the Death Wish DVDs. No doubt this pristine, garish presentation is what Michael Winner intended to display Bronson's rampage in all its overlit glory.

Also, I've learned today that there is a Lemon Popsicle/Last American Virgin fanzine run out of the UK by Roy Mitchell, whom all you Popsicle fans can email for more details.

[link]    Posted 12:59 AM by Patrick.