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Monday, January 02, 2006
Happy New Year from! I've received another tip from our friend Eric Lemoine that Cannon's Journey to the Center of the Earth, which is a bizarre late-era movie fraught with production problems, as well as the questionable Chuck Norris vehicle Firewalker, are both out on DVD.

Journey is bizarre in that it is apparently a combination of footage from two movies: an unfinished Rusty Lemorande project, which was to be a cyberpunk update on the Jules Verne tale of the same name, and the unfinished sequel to Albert Pyun's Alien from L.A., which starred swimsuit model Kathy Ireland. The film was probably caught up in the tumult of Cannon's bankruptcy, and at 70 minutes seems quite unfinished and makes little sense. It is also lacking full company and producer credits.

Firewalker was the Chuck Norris vehicle that followed Invasion USA. It has some funny/incompetent moments, and follows one of my favorite Cannon trends. It's a rip-off of Raiders of the Lost Ark, of course, and to prove it, Cannon gets John Rhys-Davies from Raiders for a supporting role. This is similar to hiring James Tolkan to be in Masters of the Universe, essentially ripping off his own role in Back to the Future.

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